Preparing to welcome our new arrivals…

There’s a buzz of excitement permeating the corridors of our Centres at the moment. And it’s not just because teams US, GB and China are yet again doing mighty well in the Paralymics, matching the epic performances of their Olympic counterparts a couple of weeks back (although that is also providing much joy). No, we’re talking about the imminent arrival of our September 2012 student cohort.

Yes, we’re ready and raring to go, with plenty of fun planned to welcome everybody into the fold. While there will be the usual welcome talks and induction tours to help new students become familiar with their Study Centre, we like to mix it up a little bit. Most Centres have organised special activities designed to get our latest arrivals acquainted with the local area.

Students exploring LondonThe team at INTO St George’s, University of London have come up with a novel way to initiate the fresh intake of medical students to the Centre’s Tooting location. Vanessa Koloko tells us about one such activity, mysteriously named the Tooting Trail:

“With a healthcare and community awareness thread weaved in, at first the trail might seem like a random selection of questions, leading students on a treasure hunt around the streets of Tooting. They’re faced with such conundrums as: ‘Where in Tooting can you eat sweet potato pie, buy a budgie, and listen to ska soul all under the same roof?’ But don’t worry, it all becomes clear, and the INTO St George’s team are on hand to help every step of the way.”

“We find activities such as this are great for helping new students meet their classmates and make friends – getting them to create a team dynamic really helps people to bond. Most people are understandably quite nervous when they first arrive so our aim is to break the ice and get everyone talking.”

Students socialising in the Students' UnionThe INTO St George’s team have a host of other activities planned for the week, including a London Icons tour, which introduces students to all of the capital’s most famous landmarks, and an International Student Society special weekend mixer event, which offers yet another opportunity to meet people and discover things to get involved with alongside the serious business of studying.

Each INTO Centre has its own timetable of activities, so if you’re preparing to begin your studies with us and would like to know what to expect in your first week, find your new Centre on Facebook.

And all that’s left for us to say is, we look forward to meeting you!


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